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Reserve Your Parking

Select your date and arrival time (not flight departure time). Then choose from multiple convenient parking options.
Must be reserved 12 hours in advance.

You must select an entry time

Car parking cannot be pre booked less than 12 hours in advance. Parking is available at the airport.

Departure date cannot be before arrival date

You must select an exit time

Your Guide to Parking When You Reserve Online

Reserve Online

Plan your trip and make your reservation from the available ParkOMA options.

Drive to Your Parking Location

Use the ParkOMA map to navigate to your parking location.

Enter the Gate

At the entry gate, scan the QR code on your confirmation email or use your Apple Wallet.

Park & Head to the Terminal

Find a parking space and walk to the Terminal. Or from South Economy, ride the ParkOMA shuttle to the Terminal.

Return to Your Car & Exit

After your trip, return to your vehicle, and drive to the exit plaza. To leave, use the same QR code you used when you entered. Thank you for parking with ParkOMA.

We offer the closest and most convenient parking options for Eppley Airfield